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At Betway we actively support and promote responsible gambling. Our customers can access comprehensive information about gambling safely and responsibly. We have a suite of safer gambling tools to help all customers who wish to control their play. We also list a number of organisations where customers can obtain appropriate help for gambling related problems.

Betway has integrated with national systems, such as Gamstop in the UK, which enables customers to exclude themselves across all operators in the market. We also proactively conduct behavioural analysis on our customers to detect potential patterns of problematic play. Our software allows us to look at a wide range of customer metrics in real-time, helping us to build profiles of those that are at most risk and enable our highly-trained Customer Care Team to make early interventions where issues may exist.

We work hard to keep our safer gambling programs in line with the latest technology available. Betway support a range of organisations directly involved in dealing with problematic gambling and the issues that can arise from it.


This year we have set aside another large amount of money to help charities and the people that need it most. Whether that’s connected to the communities around our offices or wider groups that support the causes we care about, including gambling harm.

In 2020 and 2021, Betway’s charity contributions reached over £300,000. Those donations included Gamble Aware, Trust, Bet Blocker, Red Card, Gambling Therapy and BetKnowMore.

In 2022 Betway plan to contribute additional funds to good causes including Gamble Aware, Racing to School and BetKnowMore.

Gambling Therapy

The Gordon Moody Association is a registered charity that has over 40 years of experience in providing residential support and treatment for people who are severely addicted to gambling. A significant beneficiary of GambleAware, GMA adopts a more pastoral approach, including therapy and retreats, to try and change the way addicts think about gambling and themselves.


The Young Gamblers Educations Trust (YGAM) are a UK-registered charity with a social purpose to inform, educate and safeguard young people against problematic gambling. YGAM uses ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops, peer education projects and research efforts to raise young people’s awareness of just how damaging gambling can be to themselves and those around them.


Founded by a recovered gambling addict and launched in 2014, BetKnowMore works tirelessly to raise awareness and understanding about gambling addiction as a mental illness, and seeks to help those affected with education and support services. Betway already enjoy a good partnership with BetKnowMore, and will be working closely with them in the coming years.

How Betway work with Safer Gambling charities

Our work with Safer Gambling charities and wider sporting bodies is not limited to cash donations, we work closely with a number of them using our insight to ensure that those that need help can receive it. Activities and initiatives include:

  • A focus group of ex-problem gamblers to review the effectiveness of safer gambling language and signposting on our website.
  • Facilitating collaboration sessions between West Ham United FC and BetKnowMore, which we hope will grow into a long-standing relationship.
  • Donating our sponsorship assets across Football and Horse Racing. This includes match day stadium marketing (side line LED screens, inserts in matchday programmes and logos on the team’s warmup kits) during Safer Gambling week at our partner clubs. Renaming races at our sponsored Horse Racing meetings to reflect a Safer Gambling message.
  • In 2019, we launched our first responsible gambling TV advert, featuring the Betway character “The Hunch”. This runs alongside our other adverts in the UK. Similar versions of the advert are being rolled out in other European markets.
  • Our contributions to the Professional Players Federation (PPF) support integrity and responsible gambling training with professional athletes.
  • Endorsing gambling therapy projects.
  • Inviting responsible gambling charities to speak to our staff to highlight harmful behaviour.