Betting Integrity

Our Approach

Integrity is the quality of being honest, consistent and incorruptible. We aim to provide our customers with the confidence of being able to place bets on markets that are free from corruption. Maintaining the integrity of the betting markets we offer to our global customer base is of paramount importance.

We have several measures in place, including internal policies and procedures, as well as significant memberships and partnerships, that allow us to effectively manage the integrity of our markets and to also identify and eliminate any threats.

What We Do

Our Betting Integrity team works to ensure a fair playing-field for both Betway and our customers, which cannot be exploited or defrauded. The Betting Integrity team does this by identifying and eliminating threats to the integrity of the betting markets we offer. These threats fall into four main categories: Match Fixing, Spot Fixing, Inside Information, and Participant Breaches. We carry out three main functions when identifying and dealing with these threats:


Several teams within Betway actively monitor our customers, their bets and the events/betting markets we offer, to ensure we are providing a top-quality product that is, as much as possible, free from fraudulent activity. We have highly skilled staff employed within all sports trading teams and departments, allowing us to effectively monitor our business activities and take the necessary actions.


Following on from monitoring our customers, their bets and the events/betting markets we offer, if an issue is identified, a review is undertaken by relevant teams. We review the circumstances surrounding the event in question and analyse the customers and bets placed. Following detailed analysis with several aspects considered, we are then able to determine whether we need to prepare and submit integrity reports.


Through the process of monitoring, we identify any potential integrity issues or suspicious activity. Through reviewing the event in question, the customer(s) and the bet(s) placed, we determine whether the activity is deemed suspicious enough to warrant raising an integrity alert and to report externally.

Once a case is deemed suspicious enough to escalate, we have robust procedures in place for reporting internally and externally as per our regulatory requirements. Alerts are raised with the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) and external reports are sent to the relevant authorities and regulators.

Who We Work With

We are members of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA). We use their platform to monitor and report suspicious activity and work closely with several stakeholders to review and report cases. Several sanctions have been given to various sportspersons involved in corrupt activities as a result of data shared by the IBIA and their members.

Since 2017, Betway has been part of the IBIA’s Board.

We are also a member of the Sports Betting Integrity Forum (SBIF). with our Betting Integrity Manager, acting as Co-Chair. The forum brings together organisations such as operators, regulators and sports governing bodies to discuss and evolve policies relating to betting integrity, share best practice and improve relationships between stakeholders.

We maintain active relationships with all stakeholders in the industry and have several data agreements (known as Memorandums of Understanding) signed with major sports and integrity bodies. We share relevant data with these organisations when appropriate.

We are also betting partners with the Professional Players Federation (PPF) and together we have created an educational video based on Integrity. PPF – “Through a number of partnerships with our betting integrity partners as well as betting regulatory organisations, we work hard to highlight key messages for sportspeople around betting integrity and match fixing.”

We work closely with all our partners across different sports where we provide betting integrity training as part of our code of conduct sessions. We educate/train our partners on the main Betting Integrity threats, the relevant sports betting rules, what we do as a team, how we identify and eliminate these threats, and we also discuss the consequences of these threats and how they can affect sportspeople.

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West Ham United

“It is undeniable that various teams across the business are in privileged positions and are often to privy to sensitive information, sometimes without realising, that may make them more vulnerable to various Betting Integrity breaches so dedicating education to this is essential in supporting our members of staff. We also have a duty of care to our players across the first team, women’s and Academy so educating staff on recognising the signs of ‘irresponsible gambling’ is a key part of their remit and is useful to lean on your expertise with the support available in this area.”

Nathan Thompson Commercial Director
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Brighton & Hove Albion

“The session was very informative, relevant and delivered in a very credible and professional way. There was a lot of relevant questions and there were a number of people who were significantly educated about some of the content! In pre-season meetings The FA do cover betting but it’s very much part of a whole host of season ‘reminders’ such as doping, new rules, VAR etc so doesn’t go into any depth.”

Paul Mullen COO
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Brighton & Hove Albion

“It was much more informative than the training received previously, and it gave staff a much clearer understanding of the guidelines around betting in sport and responsible gambling. Our HR (Human Resources) team were so impressed with the depth of information that was covered in the training that it is now mandatory for all stadium and training ground staff as well as the players. The training will be provided to above 400 staff at Brighton & Hove Albion FC.”

Russell Wood Commercial Director
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Tottenham Hotspur

“It is worth noting that Betway are the only betting partner of ours that has done something like this with us so far. Credit for undertaking this action.”

Russell Wood Commercial Director

Vixio Global Regulatory Awards 2022

Betway are very proud to win this award for Outstanding Contribution to Sports Betting Integrity.

The award recognises an organisation’s achievements in combatting betting corruption, as well as its ability to protect the integrity of sprots and of their businesses.

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