Betway launches Dota 2 skillshot challenge

Leading online bookmaker Betway has today announced the launch of a custom Skillshot Challenge map for the DOTA 2 esports community.

The new map has been designed by the creator of Training Polygon and tests players precision, speed and composure with five heroes - Pudge, Mirana, Mars, Lina and Shadow Fiend - each with notoriously challenging abilities.

Split into five 30 second rounds, players will control one hero per round, achieving a total score and ranking on the Skillshot Challenge leaderboard once complete.

Betway’s Head of esports, Adam Savinson, said: “Our CS:GO maps have received over one million downloads, millions of views on YouTube and some incredible records have been set. It's time to see if the DOTA 2 community are up for the challenge, with our brand new Skillshot map designed to test mechanics. We can't wait to see who comes out on top!"

Esports fans can try the DOTA 2 Skillshot Challenge by downloading the map from the Steam Workshop. Betway is encouraging players to share their score on Twitter using #SkillshotChallenge.

The map can be accessed here: