Nina Goege

Nina Goege

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Nina Goege, I’m a Senior Analyst in the AI team and part of the Canada Team.

What initially drew you to Betway?

Back when I applied, I was aware of Betway as a known brand in the industry. When I went for my interview, I got a really good first impression from the office and the people. It felt positive and welcoming, everyone was very friendly, and it felt quite relaxed in the office - so there was a good atmosphere and good vibe. It felt like a nice place to be, I felt like I would be a good fit, and it made me want to work here.

How has your career developed at Betway?

I initially joined the Retention team, although I had minimal analytical experience or background. During my first role, I started to develop an interest in analytics, and Betway were very helpful in letting me make the transition into the Analytics team.

When I moved into AI, I had minimal experience, but a desire to learn. I learnt about the new systems and took a hands-on approach to learning the ropes and progressing with the company as they grew.

I started in a completely different area, and then found my niche over time. I have to say my managers over this time were incredible with me and helped me progress in the right direction.

Going from the Casino team to the Analytics team, how did you find the transition?

You can imagine going into something with minimal experience will have its difficulties. I was really interested in the content and managers could see I had potential and were willing to help me succeed.

It took a while for me to wrap my head around things, as first, I was trying to figure everything out and getting into the mindset of how AI works, which isn’t so much about knowing systems, but knowing what questions to ask and how to approach analytics.

The support system in AI and the wider company really helped me with that transition. If you are interested in something and want to develop in a certain direction, it is welcomed here!

What is a typical day at work like for you?

It changes all the time, there’s no such thing as a normal day. There are reoccurring things such as monthly presentations and weekly meetings. Apart from that, it really changes on a daily basis. Requests change, priorities change, urgent things happen so you can’t really plan too far ahead!

How has Betway changed in your time here?

A lot to put it lightly! While the amazing culture has remained, the way we work has changed so much. This isn’t just down to the pandemic but also to the massive growth we’ve seen as a company.

Back then the AI team was a handful of people, now it has loads of sub teams and different areas of specialities such as Product Analytics and Data Science.

It has changed a lot, but the core of Betway and its culture has stayed the same throughout the years.

How have you changed in your time here?

I think I have changed a lot! Sometimes I get pushed out of my comfort zone, but that always encourages development. I feel like I have changed a lot through the people I have worked with, the challenges we go through together working on different countries and regions. I have learnt and grown so much with the company.

What makes Betway so special?

The people at Betway are amazing. There are some incredibly smart people to learn from here.

I think that there are always areas for me to make my own personal progression and achieve my individual goals. While I am still being challenged and learning a lot, it is motivating to continue developing and improving myself and my team.

It is also a really nice place to work, there is a great work life balance and other great benefits too.

How does it feel to be a part of the Betway team?

It is exactly that, it is a team. You are never on your own, you are always collaborating and learning. Everyone is very supportive, and we learn from each other. I’m not shy to reach out and I’m always there to offer help or give support if someone needs it.

It is also a very well-known brand and seeing the brand out there across a number of sports and teams that we sponsor is very cool.

Can you list the most challenging but exciting aspects of your role?

You have to adapt quickly. It’s not just about stakeholder opinions, ideas or requests, but also regulatory landscapes within the industry can change quite quickly! As I said you have to be ready to adapt, which can be challenging but is also quite exciting.

In terms of analytics, the systems we work with can change as we are always working with new systems and technologies. There is always a push for innovation, so we have to learn and be on the front foot constantly. We are always evolving and not using ancient systems.

What is your favourite project you have worked on at Betway?

The Ontario launch last year. Ontario came up with its own regulatory regime, so we had to create a whole new site, which was a huge project. There was a lot of pressure of responsibility around it but for me personally it was really cool to work on.

It was a huge project with hundreds of people involved from all areas of not just Betway but partner businesses too. For me it was a big learning experience and I got to work with so many people that I've never worked with before, never even spoken to before, so I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t the easiest project to work on, but I think it was an amazing learning experience and my favourite project so far.

What 3 words would you use to describe Betway to potential new starters?

Challenging. Rewarding. Culture

It is a fast-paced environment and changes a lot so that is always a challenge. Expectations are high so you are always expected to do your best and deliver when you are on the bigger projects where you have a lot of responsibility, ownership and trust given to you by the business.

It is a very rewarding environment. If you put the hard work in and hit your goals, you do get the recognition and rewards that you deserve.

The culture and people here are incredible. They make it special and make Betway what it is. The diverse nature of the business is great, there are people from so many countries and backgrounds, and they are all super open and friendly.

You have 30 seconds, what makes working at Betway so good?

A combination of everything I’ve said so far! It’s a business full of opportunity. It allows you to develop in the direction that is right for you and supports you in that direction, they will never block your path and will encourage you try what you want to try to find your niche.

You are always working with some amazing, interesting, smart people who are very open and friendly. It is very social here too. There’s a lot of work but it’s a lot of fun, Betway is a very happy place to work!