Maria Edstrom

Maria Edstrom

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Maria Edstrom and I’m a Senior Operations Executive for Sweden.

What initially drew you to Betway?

I was already working in the industry for a smaller company and I wanted to challenge myself with something bigger, but in a role that was still connected to Sweden ( it’s what I know best! ).

I didn’t know too much about the company at the time, as I had only just moved to London. The role looked challenging for me, and it drew me in. Although I was a bit scared about the proposition of moving to a much bigger role, I was reassured that I would learn everything I needed to know. I was sold!

How has your career developed at Betway?

It has been consistent development. I’ve been here for over five years now, so there has been some change as the company has grown so much, but all the change has been good! I started as a Country Executive, and then that role became more operational with different focuses and more responsibilities.

What is a typical day at work like for you?

The only thing typical about my day is grabbing a coffee! I think my role has such a wide scope; I’m involved in almost everything! A regular day would be making sure our numbers are as expected and decide the rest of my actions based on them. I'll work with other teams on any exciting new features or products, together with making sure our priorities are straight as a team.

The days are different all the time, as our priorities change, but working in a smaller market means we can handle any changes effectively.

How has Betway changed in your time here?

I would say that the business has really aligned its vision across departments and has clear and focused goals. I think also with the pandemic and coming back to the office, there’s so many new faces and we all try and help each other and work together really well!

How have you changed in your time here?

I am so much more comfortable in myself and my ability now! I’ve learnt so much from so many great people here, and I’m now someone that people will come to when they need help or advice, which is a really nice feeling!

I have a more senior role too which obviously has more responsibilities, but I love that feeling! I feel more secure, I’ve learned to trust my own ideas and suggestions more, but also to not be afraid to ask questions (there’s no such thing as a stupid question!).

What makes Betway so special?

I always feel that someone in my team has my back. My team are amazing and are always so helpful, they make me feel safe in my role. But outside of my team, the people at Betway are incredible.

How have you found the aspect of having people report into you, and what has your approach been to becoming a manager?

For me, it’s a natural part of my personality to be someone that is organised and to lead on things, so heading up a team was a step that made sense to me, I love the responsibility!

A big thing for me when I joined was having that feeling of safety in my role, and a big part of that feeling came from having a good manager. I want the people in my team to have that same feeling!

But for me, it’s important that my team feel comfortable and make sure they feel relaxed. I want them to feel comfortable in taking their days off when they need to and that they know I’m there if they need anything. I want them to know they can trust me.

How does it feel to be a part of the Betway team?

I feel proud of it! I feel like I’m doing my part in helping the business achieve some amazing goals, and that makes me feel good. Knowing I’m helping the business gives me a great sense of purpose.

It’s a company that is growing massively in Sweden which is exciting as there are so many opportunities there. It’s also a fun company to work for, we say “We Are One” for a reason!

We collaborate with so many people from all over the world, be that different companies or different regions, it’s like one big family!

What 3 words would you use to describe Betway to potential new starters?

Opportunity. Teamwork. Ambitious.

It’s a big company! There are lots of opportunities for growth and you can always find somewhere where you feel like you belong, Betway encourages growth and will always provide opportunity.

We work so closely with everyone across the business, everyone is so friendly and easy to talk to. Teamwork is celebrated here, not just through work but also through some very fun social events! We really are a great team.

Betway has grown and continues to do so. It’s an ambitious company that aims high and has some incredible goals they want to achieve, and I feel excited to help achieve these goals.

You have 30 seconds, what makes working at Betway so good?

The environment here is the best I’ve worked in. There are so many great initiatives with the events, it’s always a laugh and there is always something going on and something to look forward to. I feel very involved in the business and where it is heading. Betway is a place where you know your opinion matters, and that is such a great feeling!