Our Commitment

Responsible Gambling

The Betway Group partners with the Professional Players Federation (PPF) and are donors to the Responsible Gambling Trust. We stand by fair gaming and providing a responsible environment for our customers to play in.

“We will continue to work alongside regulatory bodies to ensure a safe and fair environment for all.”
Anthony Werkman, CEO of Betway

We provide information about how to gamble responsibly and where to obtain appropriate help for gambling related problems, and help customers actively manage their own account. See our dedicated Responsible Gambling page for details.

Safety and security

We’re committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment for our customers – that’s why our operations match up to the highest industry standards. Betway is a member of ESSA, the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) and the Remote Gambling Association (RGA).

We’re also one of only a handful of gambling operators who have been ISO 27001 by the international testing agency eCOGRA, and through partnering with the Professional Players Federation (PPF) and as donors to the Responsible Gambling Trust, we provide a safe and responsible environment for our customers to play in.

Age and identity checks

We make sure that only people of legal age can gamble at Betway. Our checks are usually conducted automatically through verification services, but we may also ask the customer to submit photographic identification documents in order to verify age and identity.

Our Customer Care Team and VIP teams receive regular specialist training and follow clear procedures to identify customers who may experience difficulty in managing their gambling. We do not permit customers to hold more than one account for each brand managed by Betway Group.

Modern Slavery Statement

Betway has various polices in place that operate to protect the public against, amongst other things, problem gaming and are generally in place for corporate social responsibility. One of the risk these polices address relates to the deterring of modern slavery and human trafficking in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. See our statement here.

Responsible Gambling Support

Betway Group supports and promotes Responsible Gambling. Our charitable contributions support a range of organisations directly involved in dealing with some of the issues connected with responsible gambling and its impact on society.

GambleAware is an independent charity which funds research, education and treatment services which are designed to help minimise gambling-related harm in Great Britain. Although not themselves a provider of these services, the charity’s strategic aim involved broadening public understanding of gambling-related harm as a public health issue and to help those that do develop problems to get the help they need quickly and effectively. Betway Group has, so far, raised £13,000 for GambleAware in 2018.

Founded by a recovered gambling addict and launched in 2014, BetKnowMore works tirelessly to raise awareness and understanding about gambling addiction as a mental illness, and seeks to help those affected with education and support services. Betway already enjoy a good partnership with BetKnowMore, and will be working closely with them in the coming years. We have already contributed £20,000 in cash to the project this year.

The Young Gamblers’ Educations Trust (YGAM) are a UK-registered charity with a social purpose to ‘inform, educate and safeguard young people against problematic gambling.’ YGAM uses ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops, peer education projects and research efforts to raise young people’s awareness of just how damaging gambling can be to themselves and those around them. So far this year, Betway’s financial involvement has totalled £15,000.

The Gordon Moody association is a registered charity that has over 40 years of experience in providing residential support and treatment for people who are severely addicted to gambling. A significant beneficiary of GambleAware, GMA adopts a more pastoral approach, including therapy and retreats, to try and change the way addicts think about gambling and themselves. Betway Group has fully endorsed the project, offering £20,000 – which includes the provision of gambling therapy – in 2018